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Gibson Video Spotlight: The Supersonics


The Gibson Video Spotlight puts the focus on Gibson artists, who deliver unique performances via video. In this installment, we’re shining the spotlight on The Supersonics – who recently announced that they were reuniting and working on a new album. Below, guitarist Ananda Sen tells us about the video for “In Memory Of…” from The Supersonics’ debut, Maby Baking.

Ananda Sen: “The video for ‘In Memory Of...’ was shot at an old place called Circarena. It’s a great old place where cabarets used to take place back in the day and is manually rotated by an 80-year-old gentleman who also own the place... Quite an amazing feat if you ask me! At the time I was really not happy with the video but looking back, we had a budget of 20,000 rupees, and really credit should be given to the team that managed to actually get everything done within that kind of budget.

“There is a sad story about the Epiphone Les Paul that can be seen being played by Rohan [Ganguli]. It was a beautiful Gold Top Les Paul and was part of Epiphone’s Elitist series of guitars. It was Rohan’s main guitar and honestly I’ve played many Les Pauls but I haven’t played one quite like that. Unfortunately when the band broke up, Rohan sold it to finance a new guitar, which is a decision he now regrets. We tried to retrace the guitar but found out that whoever bought the guitar had totally ruined it by stripping it completely. I think of guitars as beings, and the good thing I can take out of this is at least that guitar got immortalized in our video and hence will never be removed from our respective memories. The sound of that guitar was the main riff being played in that song and really that song now stands ‘in memory of that guitar.’”

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