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Gibson Video Spotlight: Them Clones


The Gibson Video Spotlight puts the focus on Gibson artists, who deliver unique performances via video. In this installment, we feature Them Clones and the video for “The Bomb Song” from their album love.hate.heroes.

Them Clones drummer Surojit Dev tells us about the video: “We never thought we’d have to work this hard for a music video. ‘The Bomb Song’, one of the videos we released from our debut love.hate.heroes, was probably not destined to happen. Initially it was meant to be shot in Mumbai. The Recce was done, the crew aligned and gigs were fixed to cover costs. But The Rain Gods had other plans.

“We didn’t give up, though, and nor did our director. The song was close to our hearts and had to be done. So we did it. We moved location to North India which was bang in the middle of a summer heat wave. The two locations, a factory in Maneser and a semi-finished mall in Gurgaon, were fixed and we assembled a small and super-efficient production crew. The cast in the video were our friends and they bore the heat and the dirt with us. Our cool quotient was in question, but I think we managed.

“At the end when [the] director said ‘it’s a wrap’, we clapped and whistled. It seemed like the end to an epic journey.”



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