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Dave Grohl Developing Sitcom?

Bryan Wawzenek

Nirvana drummer/Foo Fighters frontman/funny video star/Muppets cameo actor Dave Grohl is about to add sitcom co-creator to his resume. The rocker will executive produce a new series for the FX cable network, according to Deadline.

Comedian Dana Gould (a former writer on The Simpsons) is working with Grohl on the comedy show, which will focus on a superstar band that, as a final attempt to stay together, go into therapy together. Gould will write and star in the series.

Gould is a fan of Grohl’s music and approached him about collaborating on the project. Of course, Grohl has made his views on band therapy well-known: “I believe one of the reasons we’ve managed to stay together [is] because we just don’t tell each other everything,” he once told the NME.

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